The House and White Footed Mouse May be in Your Home in Woodlake VA

Mice are one of the common pests homeowners and businesses face.  They are known for the diseases they can spread, food they contaminate, and destruction they can cause to structures.  Mice are relatively small rodents that are very good when it comes to staying out of sight.  Most are nocturnal in the hopes of using the cover of darkness to evade predators but when they are living inside your home or business, they will forage for food during the day if the need arises, using wall cavities and other hiding places to stay from view.  On occasion, you may see a darting movement, arousing suspicion of their existence, but more often than not, the trail of droppings, the nibbled packaging, and other such indications, confirms thier presence.  In Virginia, there are two mice species more commonly found in the area that are likely to be invading your home or business.  These mice are the common House Mouse, or the White- Footed mouse and we at Exterminating Unlimited, Inc would like to take the opportunity to discuss these types of mice.

Common House Mouse

The most common domestic rodent found in and around Virginia homes and businesses is the house mouse. These mice can easily adapt well in most environments in order to survive.  When they are living in the outdoors, they typically keep to themselves and cause only minor damage from their nesting and eating habits.   Typically, when they invade buildings, it’s to escape extreme weather conditions or when their food supply is scarce.   These mice can slip inside with a crack or hole ¼” wide or about the size of a dime.   Without predators or the harsh elements, these mice will rapidly reproduce and become quite the infestation because only one house mouse female might produce from 30-50 or more mice in her lifetime and they have the ability to breed throughout the whole year when living indoors, whereas outside they generally only breed in the spring and fall.

White Footed Mouse

More often than not this mouse is found in the rural and rural-suburban portions of the State.  Typically, their presence in cities and urban areas is limited, preferring to remain out in the wild and keep their distance from people.  One of the animal reservoirs of Lyme disease is the white footed mouse, a very important consideration in Virginia.  This rodent is particularly relevant because of the association between these mice and ticks that feed upon them and other hosts.   In 2015 the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reports that Virginia was the ninth most prevalent state in our country for confirmed cases of Lyme disease.  The white footed mouse’s preferred habitat is brush lands, forests, and especially the forests edge where vegetation is low and scrubby.  Their diet mostly consists of insects, nuts, seeds, and berries. Most likely to support white footed mice in suburban areas are the forested areas located next to an area of grass, weeds, or other low growing vegetation.  On the chance they slip into buildings, they are often found constructing their nests in the walls at ground level of buildings.

Mice Rodent Control & Removal

If you discover either of these mice in your Virginia home or business, be sure to call in the experts of Exterminating Unlimited, Inc to get them removed before they spread disease and ailments as well as destroy the integrity of the structure, electrical wiring, or other personal property. Contact us today.

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