Termite Facts in Sandston, VA; Termites Play an Important Role in Ecosystem

Termites are the most destructive pests that homeowner’s face. They can live undetected for so long within the walls of your home, that when they are finally found, much of the time they have caused a great deal of damage. While they cause grief all the way around, there are many fascinating facts that you may not be aware of. Exterminating Unlimited, Inc. is here to share some things about this fascinating insect that you may not already know.

Termites Play an Important Role in the Environment & Ecosystem

While termites cause homeowners headache after headache, they play an integral role in the natural order of things. They are excellent decomposers and are part of the natural way in which wood is recycled. As they build tunnels they help to aerate the soil as well.

Male Termites Help Raise Their Young

With many insect species, the male and female will mate and soon after the male will die. Not in termite colonies however; males continue to be a part of the lives of their young. Not only do they hang around to fertilize the eggs as needed, but they also assist the queen in the feeding process of their babies.

Termite Workers & Soldiers are Blind & Do Not Have Eyes

The workers and soldiers of almost all termite species don’t have any eyes. They spend most of their time inside the nest and have no real need for eyesight. Actually, the only termites that do have eyesight are the reproductive termites that must go find a mate outside the nest.

How Do Termites Communicate? Pheromones & Head Banging

Termites use a couple different forms of communication when they feel they are threatened or need to send a message to each other. When they feel someone is invading their nest or they can sense they are in imminent danger, they start to bang their heads against the gallery walls to let the other members of the colony know there is trouble. The other way they communicate with each other is with the use of pheromones. These scents are left behind to guide the workers. The queen even uses this pheromone to feed her young with pheromone laden feces.

Termites Have Good Hygiene

With termites living in dirt, you wouldn’t think they would have good hygiene. They do take the time to groom themselves and fellow termites in the colony. It is necessary for them to do this in order to survive. Without good hygiene they would be more susceptible to harmful bacteria.

Termite Inspections & Treatment

If you see any signs that termites may be infesting your home, it is important that you contact the pest experts at Exterminating Unlimited, Inc. as soon as possible. We have the experience and training necessary to get rid of these destructive pests and help you avoid damage to your home. We will equip your home with the Sentricon Termite Control System which works quickly to destroy the queen and the rest of the colony. Call us today for help in eliminating any termite infestation.

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