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Termite workers and swarmers in damaged wood Termite damage hidden behind insulationTermite damage in scrap lumber under vapor_barrierTermite shelter tube

At EUI we want to protect your home from termite and moisture damage. Virginia is situated in an area of the US that is listed as a moderate to heavy chance of termite infestation, which means termites are a real threat to homeowners in the greater Richmond area.


Did you know?

Termites only need 1/64 of an inch gap to gain access to the wood in your home and do more monetary damage in the US than all the fires, wind storms and hurricanes combined. EUI has several environmentally responsible treatment options to meet your needs.

Termite Inspections and Control for Richmond VA and Surrounding Communities

We provide several services based on a thorough inspection of your home:

  • Wood decay and fungus management.
  • Moisture management with vapor barriers, foundation vents and other solutions.
  • Wood destroying beetle management (e.g., powder post beetles).
  • WDI-certified inspectors for real estate inspections approved by the Virginia Association of Realtors and Virginia Pest Management Association.
  • Termite treatment with the use of Termidor SC by BASF professionals. We are certified and trained Termidor Professionals—the most advanced product in termite colony management.

We will provide a professionally designed plan for you and your home, as well as your commercial and industrial facilities.

Inspections are performed by trained Service Professionals who are certified and registered by the Department of Agriculture.

EUI Offers the Sentricon Termite Control System

Sentricon Termite Control System LogoThe Sentricon Termite Control System is a fast-acting and effective termite baiting system that ultimately destroys the queen and entire colony. The Sentricon system is a strategically placed set of termite bait stations. The bait affects the termite colony as termite workers search for and eat cellulose food (wood) materials. These termites find the bait as they travel back and forth from food source to the termite nest and in doing so, they transmit the Sentricon Bait throughout the colony. Call us today to schedule a termite inspection!


Is it Mold or Wood Decay Fungi?

mole wood

              Mold                     Wood Decay Fungi

Molds are microscopic fungi that live on organic matter and can be confused with wood decay fungi. Although mold organisms may discolor the wood, they do not break down the wood fibers. Mold requires a high degree of moisture in the air - 60% Relative Humidity or more, for a minimum of 72 hours. It’s true that mold doesn’t rot wood, but it can cause serious health issues for some people.

Wood Decay Fungi generally occur when the moisture content of wood exceeds 20 to 30 percent, coupled with optimal temperatures (32 – 90 degrees F), an adequate supply of oxygen and a suitable source of nutrients. It feeds off of cells in the wood and will significantly reduce strength of the wood if conditions continue over a period of time.

When Do I Need To Treat?

In general, if you can smell it or see it, you need to correct it!

Following the Science

Advanced Energy conducted a five year study of moisture levels in code compliant vented crawl spaces. The results were stunning and undistputable.

Properly closed crawl spaces are more energy efficient and substantially dryer than well constructed code compliant vented crawl spaces. (Advanced Energy)

This information not only changed contruction standards for the southeast and mid-Atlantic states, it has at long last solved the issues with mold growth in crawl spaces in our area as well.

Armed with science, the EUI Closed Space System was born!

EUI Closed Crawl Space Liner








EUI Closed Crawl Space Liner

All of the components are made in the USA! This is the only system that uses low VOC materials and assures optimal performance for years to come. Any contractor knows that black powder nailers can compromise the integrity of a foundation wall. The Closed Space System does not require harmful nailers, and instead, employs its own innovative, strong and safe application method.