Stinging insects, such as wasps and hornets can cause many people to feel trapped in their home. The fear of being stung may prevent you from enjoying a night on the patio or sending the kids out to play in the yard. The sting caused by wasps and hornets can be extremely painful, and possibly life threatening if the individual is allergic.

If you notice wasps or hornets active around your home, or if you see nests, give Exterminating Unlimited, Inc. a call. We will send an experience technician out to your home to locate and eliminate the threat.

Stinging Insect Facts:

  • According to the American College of Allergy, Asthma and Immunology, more than two million Americans are allergic to stinging insects, more than 500,000 enter hospital emergency rooms every year suffering from insect stings and between 40-150 people a year die as a result of allergic reactions to these stings.
  • Stinging insects are especially attracted to sweet fragrances (such as perfumes, colognes, and hair sprays), picnic food, open soda and beer containers, and garbage areas. If you avoid wearing these or having these items outside, it may lessen your chance of getting stung.
  • Yellow jackets, hornets, and wasps can sting repeatedly. Honeybees have barbed stingers which are left behind in their victims’ skin. These stingers are best removed by a scraping action rather than a pulling motion which actually squeezes more venom into the skin.
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