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Your house makes a cozy shelter for you and your family, but you don’t want small animals taking advantage of that as well. Rodents such as mice and rats are often attracted by a home’s warmth and abundance of food. Once inside, they create damage by eating food, making nests inside the walls, and spreading diseases.

If rodents have taken over your home, Exterminating Unlimited, Inc. can help. We offer rodent removal in Richmond, VA, and the surrounding areas.

Recognize When Rodents Have Invaded

Because rodents, including mice and rats, tend to hide whenever people are around, you may not realize right away that these creatures have invaded your house; however, certain signs give these little critters away. These signs include:

  • Small, dark feces
  • Rustling noises in the walls
  • Food packaging that has been chewed on
  • Holes in walls
  • Chew marks on cardboard, wood, or other material

If you notice any of these signs, call our team. We can diagnose not just what type of animal is causing the damage, but how the rodents are getting in. We’ll then come up with a customized plan to keep your home safe from unwanted pests.

Learn About Our Process

The first step in controlling mice or rats is to inspect for potential openings and evaluate exclusion needs. Then, we begin the removal process with a variety of children- and pet-friendly methods. Be sure to discuss any special concerns with your technician.

Choose From Our Pest Control Options

For your convenience, we offer a variety of pest control treatment plans. While a one-time treatment program may work for your home, you may have a problem with rodents making themselves at home in your house every time the weather turns cold.

For reoccurring issues like this, we offer quarterly service agreements. We also offer bi-monthly and monthly pest control services.

If you have rental property, Exterminating Unlimited, Inc. will not only monitor rodent activity, but also keep an eye out for other pest problems. We’ll also watch for conditions favorable for pests or damage. As Partners in Your Environment, we help protect health and property through effective pest management.

Take Advantage of Our Business and Commercial Rodent Control

Business and commercial properties have many special needs and concerns about rodents. Restaurants, health-care facilities, and industrial sites all have unique challenges. Let us put our 36 years of training and experience to work in your business!

Contact Us Today

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