Pharaoh Ant

Pharaoh Ants are yellow to reddish in color and very small in size – 1/16 to 1/8 inch in size.


Pharaoh ants nest almost anywhere, but prefer warm, humid areas near sources of food and water, in wall voids, behind baseboards, in furniture, under floors, between stationary and between linens. They are commonly found in hospitals. They are attracted to used bandages. Pharaoh ants commonly use electrical and telephone wires, plumbing and other utility lines as trail routes. Outdoors, these ants nest in debris collected on flat roofs, entering and exiting via poorly caulked or defective windows, under flashing and through holes.  They communicate with emitted pheromones alerting others of danger and where food is located which is why they establish trail patterns.


Pharaoh ants eat food of all types, but especially sweets. They will also eat other insects.


Pharaoh ant control can be very difficult. Using contact insecticides will cause them to fracture or split into two or more colonies to survive. Baiting forging trails and suspected areas of activity is the most effective pharaoh ant control method. Do not spray or disturb ants or bait stations, and avoid using cleaners around bait placements as this can destroy the integrity of pheromone trails. Pharaoh ants can be especially problematic in nursing homes and hospitals. You must seek professional assistance when dealing with Pharaoh ant infestations.

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