How to Get Rid of Raccoons in Your Bon Air, VA House or Yard

Do you have a four legged bandit of the night? Raccoons often invade homes and yards, looking for shelter and food. Unfortunately, raccoons are very difficult to control. They can feed on almost anything they can find food in garbage cans and around the home. Additionally, raccoons will climb into attics and basements to find shelter. When it comes to controlling raccoons, Exterminating Unlimited, Inc will share what can be done and what homeowners should try to avoid when dealing with raccoons.

How to Keep Raccoons Away from Your House & Garden

When it comes to protecting your home and yard, there are sound and beneficial methods that should be applied. Electric fencing or wiring will give a raccoon enough zap to be discouraged from entering your yard. It is also important that you don’t leave trash cans where raccoons can easily access them. Water from a pond or any other water feature will not only attract raccoons, but will attract other pests as well. For those who want to have these kinds of water features, just be aware your yard is at risk from raccoon activity. Removing all available water will help reduce raccoon activity. We also encourage you not to leave pet food or water bowls out. Again you are feeding an ever growing raccoon population by doing that. You will also want to prevent raccoons from climbing into your attic or basements. You can do this by using a heavy metal mesh wiring to cover vents, chimneys, basement windows or any other space that a raccoon can fit through.

Raccoon VS Dog; Who Wins?

Now there is something else many homeowners believe is good for raccoon control, but in reality actually causes more problems. Many homeowners will get a dog in the belief that they can either scare raccoons away or even attack, kill or hurt a raccoon. Well this is a misconception. A raccoon can take on another animal three times its own weight and win. Most canines will lose in a match against a raccoon. Now there are some breeds of dog that were bred to hunt and kill raccoons, but only a very few are successful. One breed of dog that can actually defend a yard from a raccoon is the black, tan or blue coonhound. However most other breeds just don’t match up against raccoons. Don’t put your pet at risk by using a dog as raccoon control.

Raccoon Control

It should be noted that it is illegal to use poison to kill raccoons or any other wildlife. In most cases they don’t work anyhow. In most states it is also illegal to kill raccoons within city limits without a license. That is why if you’re having problems with raccoons invading your home or making a mess in your yard, you should contact a pest control company that handles wildlife. We can place traps to capture the raccoons. Exterminating Unlimited, Inc can help you with wildlife control, and yes even with those little bandits. Raccoons aren’t just a nuisance that cause property damage; they can transmit dangerous bacteria, viruses and parasites as well. If your home has become the prime hangout for raccoons or other pests, contact Exterminating Unlimited, Inc today.

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