Carpenter Bees are a nuisance that can cause damage to decks, fences and other wooden items located around your home. The bees do not eat the wood, instead they use the wood to build their nests. With a carpenter bee infestation, you may notice small holes with saw dust below them around rails, fences and other wooden items. While carpenter bees do not typically sting humans, they may get territorial if you come to close to their nests.

Since carpenter bees prefer bare wood, painting and staining wood can sometimes help deter them. However, they will occasionally attack stained or painted wood. To avoid carpenter bees and prevent them from entering the home, seal cracks and crevices along the property’s foundation and walls with a silicone-based caulk, repair any tears in screens, and keep doors closed at all times.

To help you alleviate an issue with carpenter bees, Exterminating Unlimited, Inc. has a solution. Our experienced technicians will locate and treat the infested timbers, then can provide helpful suggest to prevent future infestations.

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