Best Ways to Get Rid of Norway Rats Fast in Chesterfield, VA

Norway rats are also called brown rats and originally came from Asia. They are about 18 inches long including their tail. They are grayish-brown in color with a pale gray belly and their ears and tails are hairless. They can be found anywhere people live. Inside structures they can be found any time of the year because they will reproduce all year long. Outside they will mate in the spring or fall. They will live for about five months to a year and their diet consists of grains, fruit, meats, seeds and roaches.

Signs of a Norway Rat Infestation

Droppings will be the first indication you’re dealing with Norway rats. They will be found close to areas they eat and live. These droppings are dark-colored, about ½ inch long and pointed on both ends. You may also notice tiny tracks in dusty or muddy areas. Along with the droppings you may find urine odors or smudge marks on the walls. Rats have oils on their fur that will rub off on the walls along the paths they travel. You may hear squeaking, clawing or fighting noises in your walls or under your floors.

Damage Caused by Norway Rats

Norway rats will cause damage trying to get to food and can cause structural issues when they burrow and gnaw. They will chew on electrical wires that can cause circuits to short and appliances to malfunction. Norway rats can also transmit a number of diseases that are harmful to humans and animals. These include leptospirosis, trichinosis, murine typhus, salmonellosis, rate bite fever and the plague on occasion. Fleas also live on rats and can transmit diseases. If you start to experience strange or unusual symptoms after having any contact with rats you need to get medical attention right away. Getting treatment immediately will prevent illnesses from getting severe.

Norway Rat Prevention

The first step in controlling any rodents is to stop them from getting in. Any openings will need to be sealed. You will need to use concrete or metal. You can also disrupt any habitat they are using. De-clutter areas you find activity and store food in airtight containers to keep them out. If you make it hard for them, they will go elsewhere. Clean any food spills right away. Keeping them away from the house in the first place helps. Keep bushes and shrubs trimmed to remove places for shelter. Cleaning debris and organic material will also help. There are scare tactics you can use to deter them. Rats do not like loud noises, but they will get used to the noise after a while, so these methods will only work for a short period of time.

Rodent Control

Locating and treating Norway rats can be difficult and if your home provides food and shelter, they will make themselves right at home. It’s best to bring in professional pest control for the most effective treatment. Exterminating Unlimited, Inc. has the education, tools and skills to ensure they don’t come back. Contact us today!

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