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Do you suspect bed bugs? CALL EUI for a free, no-obligation inspection BEFORE you throw away your bedding. We have had several customers who were sure they had bed bugs and replaced their bedding before calling us. When they did call, we determined the problem was not bed bugs, so they had gone to an unnecessary expense.

Myths about bed bugs:

  • They don’t exist. See the History section below.
  • Throwing away the mattress will solve the problem.
  • Bugs in or on the bedding are bed bugs.
  • Bed bugs transmit disease.
  • An infestation is related to cleanliness.
  • They come from outside.
  • You can starve them to death by sleeping elsewhere.
  • Bed bugs can be controlled with a fogger, or with do-it-yourself products.
  • Bed bug bites look the same on everyone.

The Truth about bed bugs:

  • Literature from the 1700’s references bed bugs
  • While it is sometimes necessary to replace bedding in a heavy infestation, it is not always necessary. If they are on the mattress, they are also likely to be in the box spring, bed frame, adjacent furniture, any cracks and crevices near the bed and beyond in an established infestation.
  • Other bugs can be on the bed; for example carpet beetles have been observed on bedding
  • Bed bugs are not known to transmit disease
  • Even the most meticulous housekeeper can introduce bed bugs into the household. Five star hotels and those cleaned to rigorous standards can also become infested.
  • Bed bugs do not survive outdoors. They are completely dependent on man (and perhaps animals) for survival and transportation from one location to another.
  • Bed bugs can live for months without feeding. They are also equipped to detect their food sources (warm-blooded creatures) and will seek you out.
  • Due to the nocturnal feeding habits and preference for harborage in cracks or out of the way places, foggers and do-it-yourself products are not particularly effective. A great deal of training goes into preparing a technician for bed bug exterminating.
  • As with flea and mosquito bites, people have different reactions to bed bug bites.

History of Bed Bug Treatment

Prior to the mid-1940’s bed bugs were widespread throughout the United States and Europe, dating back to cave dwellings. During WWII, a product was developed to combat mosquitoes to stop the spread of malaria and lice. Ever heard of DDT? DDT was one of the first products with the ability to kill bed bugs long after application. It was popular, readily available and widely used in the 1940’s. Bed bug populations declined rapidly, nearly to the point of non-existence for many years.

But now, DDT and other stable compounds are no longer available. For the past 15 years, bed bugs have been on the increase. They are now being introduced into homes, primarily the result of travel, hitchhiking their way around the world in suitcases. To make it worse, even though you may not stay in an infested room, on public transportation your luggage may spend a long flight adjacent to someone’s luggage that did stay in an infested room. Other possibilities for bed bug introduction are from summer camps, dormitories or overnight guests.

Our Strategy

Exterminating Unlimited, Inc. has been learning about bed bugs and training on their extermination since they started making their comeback. We have a proven treatment strategy for eliminating bed bugs in residential and commercial properties. Bed bugs have developed resistance to the active ingredients in many products, so we work hard to stay ahead of them.  As new products and technologies become available, you can trust EUI to carefully follow the research and results before implementing them.  Our goal is to continue providing great results for our customers. For a successful bed bug program, you need a ‘partner in your environment.’ Call EUI for a free evaluation!

Please call us @ 804-550-5657 for more information about bed bug extermination services for Richmond and the surrounding areas.

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