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EUI Approach to Ant Control

EUI ANTExterminating Unlimited is about providing effective solutions to our customers.  This includes offering the most thorough and effective professional ant control treatments available. See why EUI’s ant extermination services are different:

Ant Extermination Begins with a Thorough Inspection

At Exterminating Unlimited, ant control always begins with an inspection of the current area of concern followed by the remainder of the property. We implement a holistic approach that utilizes knowledge about ant behaviors and the methods they use to travel from the colony to their food sources.

Strategic Control Baiting Methods

We strategically place bait products on the inside in cracks and crevices to draw the ants to areas where customers don’t see them feeding. Also, we apply bait products around the exterior to draw them from interior walls and back outside. Additionally, we use liquid products around the exterior along the base of the foundation and along ant trails that lead to the foundation.

The bait and liquid products don’t kill the ants immediately. It takes about 24 hours, and in that time, ants return back to the colony. If they successfully fed on the bait, then they will feed it to the young and the ant colony queen. If the ants picked up the active ingredient from the liquid application, then they will transfer that ingredient to other ants by contact or feeding, thus creating a collapse of the entire colony over time.

Follow-up Ant Treatments

We always recommend follow up treatments, since many ant species have multiple queens and secondary reproductives that will leave the colony when it is under threat or trying to expand.  At Exterminating Unlimited, we inspect and make applications with the above method to collapse the small satellite colonies or separate colonies at a vulnerable time.

Professional Ant Control

No matter the ant species that dare infiltrate your home, rest assured Exterminated Unlimited, Inc has the skills and expertise to eradicate them.  With our routine maintenance plans, we can also greatly minimize future intrusions.  Call us today to schedule your appointment if ants are unwelcomed in your home.

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